The Occasionally Positive Consequences of Vanity

Okay, so I freely admit it – I google myself on occasion. It has often been quite interesting, as I see myself quoted and “borrowed” and linked to in various blogs and sites around the world – sometime I’ll list some of them.

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Today, I had the very pleasant surprise of discovering that I was mentioned in a high school memory in a blog by Mike Haubrich, a guy I haven’t seen or communicated with in about 30 years, and in a nice way at that. (If I recall correctly, Mike was, among other things, the guy who turned me on to John Prine.) We grew up in the Lake Woebegon-like community of Hallock, Minnesota, you betcha. Mike is a talented writer, so his memories are fun to read, and you’ll probably enjoy reading them even if you’ve never been there. Here’s an excerpt:

Rich had always wanted to see the Northern Lights, he had heard about them. The day that he and Jay got to Hallock, they were lucky enough to run into Alden Swan. Even though Alden had graduated from high school, he was still living in Hallock, playing Christian Rock when he got the chance, teaching me a thing or two about bass guitar. He was a good role model kind of guy. Rich asked him about the Northern Lights. According to Alden, “Heck, they practically live here. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of chances to see them!”

Northern lights are way cool. Kind of like hallucinagenics, but the colors are really there. I haven’t seen them in years.

Check out Mike’s blog, and read the whole story of the Baptist missionaries, Rich & Jay. For the start of the topic on my home town (you should have Paul Simon running through your head about now), go back into July 27, I think it is:

So far, my vanity searches have been good experiences – people actually read some things I write, and no one has called me a wacko or anything evil (as far as I can remember). Today was especially nice.

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