The Best Testimony Ever

One of the problems being Lutheran when you are friends with a bunch of “Evangelicals” (as opposed to Lutheran evangelicalism) is that Evangelicals pride themselves on having a impactful testimony. You know, the “I was into sex, drugs and rock & roll, and even kicked my dog and stole candy money from little kids, when I heard this guy share his amazing testimony, and I chose to become a Christian.”

When you’re Lutheran you don’t really have one of these stories, which makes you highly suspect among your evangelical friends. But I have been thinking, why shouldn’t I have a great testimony story? So, here it is.

My Testimony

Many, many years ago, I was born. This was not my decision–I didn’t have any choice in the matter. I wasn’t consulted, I just started existing, breathing and crying and whatever. When I was perhaps two or three years old, I was told that God loves me, no matter what. And I thought, cool!

So yeah, I think I win.

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