Sep 9 2009

Obamacare: A Lose-Lose Scenario

I try not to post much about politics, for a number of reasons. For one thing, there are way too many out there already.  I prefer to stick more to philosophical and theological issues – issues that are around for the long haul, so to speak.

But, I am finding the dynamics surrounding the current healthcare debate quite interesting (for one slant that I won’t go into here, read my post at my other blog).  Consider that a year ago, Obama was seemingly unstoppable, generating the kind of manic following we haven’t seen since the Beatles landed in 1964.  Within days of being sworn in, he began swinging his liberal axe, beheading as much of Bush’s legacy as he could.  The House and Senate Dems were lockstep behind him, and he seemed even more unstoppable.

Today, of course, the story has changed.  His fiscal policies have, for the most part, failed. The deficit is several times higher than ever before (and he can’t blame Bush for that).  His poll numbers are dropping steadily according to every poll; today, 52% disapprove of his handling of healthcare.  Over 50% disapprove! Yet, he keeps trying to steamroll his program through.  Even long-term Democrats have turned against him.

Why?  What doesn’t he understand about “we don’t want it?”

It’s even more interesting for those in Congress:  Poll numbers show that a very large % of voters would vote the whole lot of them out if they could.  According to a poll taken last week, voters will act in November based upon how their elected officials vote on healthcare.

With Obama’s numbers continuing to drop, he’s fast becoming a liability.  Why side with the President when it could cost you your career?  And what’s to be gained by gaining favor with a President who could very well be a lame duck in his first year in office?

Besides, what about representing those you swore to represent?

I am truly astounded that it is Obama’s hope this evening to “gain momentum” for a plan the majority of voters are against.  For that matter, just who the hell does he think he is?  Is he a servant of the people, or does he see himself as a modern-day Caesar?

Perhaps tonight he should simply play the fiddle.