Karl Barth on the Gospel

I’m not a Karl Barth fan, but he had some good thoughts on occasion.

The Gospel is not one thing in the midst of other things, to be directly apprehended and comprehended.  The Gospel is the World of the Primal Origin of all things, the Word which, since it is ever new, must ever be received with renewed fear and trembling.  The Gospel is therefore not an event, nor an experience, nor an emotion—however delicate!  Rather, it is the clear and objective perception of what eye hath not seen nor ear heard.  Moreover, what it demands of men is more than notice, or understanding, or sympathy.  It demands participation, comprehension, co-operation; for it is a communication which presumes faith in the living God, and which creates that which it presumes.

Karl Barth: The Epistle to the Romans.

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