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MeI was born in a 3-walled log cabin and learned to read by the light of the fireplace. Oh, wait … that was someone else.

I was actually born and raised on a small farm outside of a very small town in northwestern Minnesota that’s only real claim to fame is appearing in the snow scenes of the movie Fargo.  It was a lot like growing up somewhere between Little House on the Prairie and Lake Woebegon. And, being from NW Minnesota, I was obviously raised Lutheran, a darn good thing to be raised as, you betcha.


I have recently co-authored the book The Gospel Uncensored with Ken Blue. TGU explores Paul’s letter to the Galatians and addresses why what Paul said matters to the church today. You can check out the books website here. Or, you can just trust me and buy the book.


I have worked for many, many years as a commercial insurance claims specialist with a focus on construction litigation, while also serving as lay pastor/elder/board member of a couple of churches where I led many small groups and Bible studies.

The last few years I have taken up clawhammer banjo, and restore (and occasionally build) them. I now have a number of late 1800’s banjos as well as a few others, plus a few guitars and a violin that brought over from Sweden by my grandmother, I believe.


I have opinions on nearly everything, including politics, which I try not to write about too often. My ideas have changed over the years, as I’ve interacted with others and challenged my own beliefs. I’m more liberal than I used to be, but not wacko.  Theologically, I am perhaps best described as an Episco-Lutheran.  I tend to like theologians like NT Wright, Alistair McGrath, Phillip Cary and the late Robert Webber. Pete Enns is one of my current favorite authors, and am also a big fan of Nadia Bolz-Weber. I also have a respect for the Eastern Orthodox churches. I have a huge problem with Calvinism.

I have never stopped believing in grace and the three solas: sola gratia, sola fida, solus Chrisus. You can read more about this in my new book with Ken Blue, The Gospel Uncensored—How only grace leads to freedom.

I believe strongly in the Gospel. I also believe strongly in the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and the rest of the creed.


I have an extremely gorgeous wife, and three exceptionally talented children, and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I live in Oregon in a little green house on the edge of town where you can still see the Milky Way (when it’s not overcast).

The Real Me

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